Monday, March 30, 2009


Five-year-old granddaughter Trinity came to me recently and said, "Pop, if I have ever done anything to hurt you would you forgive me?"

How could I describe what that did to me?


The devil knows if you have the spiritual authority to invade his territory.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Should our embarrassment to witness cost the untold one his soul?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009


By Dave Ohlerking and his seven-year-old daughter Susan as they thought about how it might have been:

I really wanted to, but I’ve always been bashful. Besides, a great man like that wouldn’t want a seven year old girl like me to go up there and bother him.

I just knew the things he was saying were important—even I could understand. I could feel warm love feelings as he talked.

Some of the other kids were walking toward him. I decided to go, too, but my feet just wouldn’t move.

“The next time he looks at me,” I thought, “I’ll step out and go to him.” But when he turned and looked at me all I could do was just stand there and look back. His eyes seemed so full and knowing.

The feelings inside my heart were getting stronger and stronger.

“Okay,” I decided. “I’ll start counting and when I get to ten I’ll step out and go--I just won’t even think about it. I’m deciding right now to do it then!”

“One, two, three,” my excitement was growing. I knew I’d make it.

“Four, five, six, seven.” I was even beginning to breathe harder. My heart was really pounding. What a wonderful thing it would be to touch the great teacher.”




Just when I reached ten he looked at me again! I Leaned forward to step out, but, again, my feet just wouldn’t move.

“Ten,” I tried again. Still no use—I couldn’t move.

He was still looking at me. I was even feeling a little dizzy.

“Why can’t I do it?” my heart cried out in my mind.

All at once it happened. Daddy must have known my feelings for he leaned over and gently pushed my shoulder as he whispered, “It’s okay, go to him!” he said.
And that’s all I needed! Everything that has been building up inside me just broke loose—and he was still looking at me.

I ran! You can imagine my joy when I saw him holding his hand out toward me. He hadn’t stopped looking into my eyes. His eyes were saying, “Come!”

His strong hand reached out and took mine and pulled me to him. How tiny my hand felt in his strong gentle hand.

His other arm reached around me and lifted me up onto his lap. I wasn’t afraid anymore! It seemed so natural to be in his arms.

He didn’t say anything to me—he didn’t have to. His eyes just kept looking into mine. His gaze filled me with warm peace and love and trust. I knew I’d never stop loving him.

With his right hand he gently pulled my head down onto his shoulder. I didn’t care that it would mess up my curls. I’d never felt safer.

His robe was coarse on my cheek. I knew the feel of that kind of cloth—it was part of my world, too.

I could smell the freshness of the fields on the cloth and the faint smell of olive oil on his beard. It all seemed right and familiar.

When he started to speak to the crowd I could feel the resonance of his voice in his chest. Such power and such love!

“Don’t stop these little ones from coming to me. The kingdom of heaven is made up of hearts of faith—just like the hearts of these children here beside me.”

He squeezed me a little when he said it.

“Unless you are willing to become like these children in your hearts, you won’t see Heaven.”

Everything was quiet for a while as the crowd thought on the words they had heard. I lifted my head and one more time our eyes locked together. I knew I’d never forget the feel of his heartbeat. It was quick and strong.

As I slid off his knee I looked over at Mommy and Daddy. Their faces were beaming. Their tears told me they knew what had happened. Oh, how much I loved them—and Jesus! What a wonderful day it was.

Running toward them I thought about what had just happened. “Being close to Jesus is the most important thing that has ever happened to me. Oh, thank you, Jesus, for letting me come!”

When I got to Daddy I just hugged him as tight as I could. Finally when I could speak I said, “Daddy I love him so much! I felt his heartbeat. I’ll never forget it. I’m going to do the things he says—always!”

“Me, too,” my Daddy answered.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I was in a hospital bed near death from a gunshot to my head. The doctors told my parents, "If he lives he'll be blubbering idiot." Then I heard Mom say softly in my ear, "Jesus is going to heal you."

I heard the most beatuful girl in the world say, "Yes, I'll marry you."

Then came the news our first child was coming. What a moment! Doctors had told us we'd never have children. Wrong.

I heard each of my children as they were learning to talk say, "Daddy, wuv you."

Recently I looked into the eyes of our grandaughter in her stroller as she reached to me and tried to call me "Pop."

Who can experience these things and doubt there is God?

I heard God ask me to be a missionary. It was quieter than a voice but louder than just a thought. I was four years old but I knew something important had just happened--something eternal.

That same voice has always been there in the hard and dangerous times on the mission field guiding me and giving me peace.

I've stood beside heads of state as a fellow minister layed hands on the leaders and asked God to touch the leaders and their country.

Imagine how it felt to see 25,000 people running across the stadium infield in respose to my friend's altar call.

I felt a bit dizzy as an official of a hostile government held my hands and told me Childrens Cup was welcome to come to his country anytime and anywhere.

These and thousands of other glimpses into the wonders and glory of God envelope my mind and my heart.

These glimpses overwhelm me now.

What will it be like when I stand in His presence and experience the whole vista of God's glory?