Saturday, February 24, 2007


Joyce (a Swazi employee) “just happened” to look out the open back door at our daughter’s home here in Swaziland. It was night before last after nine o’clock.

She saw a man crouched down at the patio about to come into the house.

Joyce screamed for me to come and the intruder ran off.

Jean and I were watching our three grandkids there waiting for Ben and Sue to get back from a ministry trip into South Africa.

There has been a marked increase in night-time break-ins when people are actually in the home. The intruders’ intent is robbery plus terrorizing the people and brutally attacking them. Some of our friends have just been through this—one man and his mother were hacked on their heads with big knives—dozens of stitches.

The police answered our call (unarmed and without even a flashlight), Ben and Sue arrived and we checked out the premises.

Their two Boerbull dogs had been poisoned. (The dogs are recovering well.)

The electric fence and alarm had been cut.

This was a well planned job—but God had a bigger plan!

Please let this event encourage you to pray for your missionaries’ safety on the field. I tell our family and staff, “The safest place to be is in God’s will.” It is true and God keeps proving it over and over—but that doesn’t mean we live uncautiously with no regard for the safety of our families.

“He gives His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways.” Psalms 91:11

So glad to report, “GOD DID IT AGAIN!”

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Jean and I will be back in the USA May through September, 2007.

We plan to be "on the road again" most of that time across America visiting friends and donors.

If you, your fellowship group or your church would like to have us stop by to bring up-to-date reports and videos from Africa please contact our USA office at 225-673-4505 or email Jean and me at

We are right now in the process of setting up the routing we'll take--would love to include seeing you.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Trinity Lynn, our three-year-old granddaughter and her brother, six-year-old Levi, spent last night at our house.

(Kayla and her mother were hosting an all night "Chick Night" for several missionary ladies in Swaziland--bet they didn't sleep much.)

Before Trinity and Levi went to bed they each came to me at different times and said, "I really love you, Pop!" and gave me a big tight hug.

Do you know what that did to me?

Those moments were second only to the first time Jean said, "I love you."

Our grandchildren Kayla, Levi, and Trinity have lived most of their lives in Africa where the risks are higher and so are the joys. Experiences I used to dream about as a child are commonplace to them.

We are a blessed family.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Jean got it right away--took me longer.

We just received an email from our youngest son Josh. All it said was "#13."

It means our 13th grandchild is coming!

If you are a grandparent you'll understand our joy and our saying that the older you get, the more your life is about your children and grandchildren.

Jean and I are blessed with 12--soon to be 13--of the smartest, most beautiful, God-lovingest, Pop and Meemaw-lovingest grandkids in the world. That is said absolutely without bias 'cuz it's true...

We thank God every day for our children and how they are raising our grandchildren to know Jesus.

Who is more blessed than Jean and me?

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Ben and I just got back from Zimbabwe. What an awesome time we had with Pastor Dixon and his wife Chipo--dear friends for the last decade.

We have watched them face the famine, crime fed by 80% unemplayment, political mayhem and hostility to the Gospel. They have faced risks few Americans could ever concieve of. Last time Ben and I were there we were robbed.

Pastor Dixon is now the Children's Cup director for Zimbabwe. They are planting a new church (Oasis of Life Church) that will also mother a CarePoint for orphans and vulnerable children.

We'll keep you posted on the developments so you can witness with us God's awesome hand in this project.

Pray for this couragous, anointed couple--and their great kids Tanashe and Faith (Jean and I have them in about the same category as our own grandkids.)

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Or is it?

Stand with us at the temple entrance in Macao. Watch as a hard working lady pays her day’s wages to the priest. She’s exchanging her money for hell money.

She steps over to an open fire altar and throws the hell money into the flames--a day’s wages flare up into blaze and smoke. In seconds it’s gone.

Her religion tells her that by doing this she can actually send funds to her loved one in hell to buy a little relief from the torment.

Was it her parent? Her husband? Her child?

There’s more. They say if you give the priest enough money to buy a home or a vehicle, he will make paper models to burn and send them to hell for your loved one.

That cruel laugh echoing through the smoldering caverns of hell is the devil—the deceiver.

Hell money is a joke—a cruel deception!

The enemy of all souls knows that the price of redemption was already paid on Calvary.

Salvation is free!

Jesus’ blood bought it.

Hurting people need to know this.

I’m asking you, “Are you willing to forego a day’s wages to tell them?” How many people can we reach with a day’s wages?

I’m asking me, “Am I willing to forego having a nice home so we can go tell them?”

I don’t think the flame of that burning hell money will ever go out in my mind, nor do I want it to.