Thursday, July 23, 2009


It is a powerful tool.


Hell’s devil planned it and it is working.

There has been a widespread and increasingly emboldened assault on Jesus, the Bible, and believers.

News Media.
Wall Street.
Unregenerate religious leaders.
It is an all-fronts barrage coordinated in hell.

Society has degenerated to the point that the most effective marketing tool is blatant sex (including perversions that used to mean jail).

The ability to cleverly deceive is praised. Lie has become king. Hell has its own unholy anointing on liars. Society’s wisdom is that the first one to accuse wins. Courts award the cleverest liar. America no longer believes its government.

Marketers and legislators will do to you whatever they think they can get by with. They sneer at the word integrity.

The very word SIN used to shiver the soul, now it is used as an advertizing lure.

Result? A sin-immersed society in which anything goes. If it feels good, do it.

But then there’s that irritating voice of God that pricks even the most hardened heart reminding them of their sin.

To try to shut down or drown the Voice men intensify the noisy, strident, screeching anti-Jesus, blaring shrieks from hell. “Everybody’s doing it,” tries to overpower, “Thou shalt not.”

None of this has killed Truth whose name s Jesus. Hell may have a plan but so does Jesus.

He has given us free use of His Name—The Name to which every knee shall bow. The Name that is a strong tower the righteous can run into and be safe.

Every time we declare The Name we build The Tower higher and wider. Let’s invite everybody we can to enter The Tower.

We Christians need to build into our daily lives the profuse use of The Name Jesus. Be deliberate and intentional finding ways to introduce The Name in every conversation.

Roll the cameras and presses, plug in the microphones and flood the internet with our Savior’s awesome Name.