Saturday, February 28, 2009


It takes a quorum of members present for a board to take action. Nobody can do it alone.

I see another place for the concept of quorum to apply--world evangelism.

The wonderful increase in strategic alliances among churches and ministries is putting together a quorum ready to take global action and experience sweeping revival.

I see quorum of people, resources, experience, communication tools, favor, and opportunities developing in the Body of Christ. Like never before we are poised and ready to take action on Jesus' command to go everywhere and tell everybody.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


These two questions have challenged my soul today:

What could the devil offer you that you would trade for your soul?
Soul-shackling shekels of shame?
Soul-rotting immorality?
Soul-binding intoxicants?

Is there anything God could ask you for you would not give Him?
Your mind?
Your heart?
Your soul?
Your dollars?
Your life?

Monday, February 16, 2009


Rev. Dixon Changara, Children's Cup's Zimbabwe director reports that even in the midst of the worst social and economic collapse of a country in memory, as many as 18,000 hurting children are receiving food everyday provided by Joyce Meyer Ministry.

Children's Cup team members are honored to play even a small part in making it happen.

Celebration Church of Jacksonville, Florida, and Household of Faith in Gonzales, Louisiana have planted churches totaling about 1,000 members in partnership with Children's Cup, as well as setting up and operating Children's Cup Care Points providing food and other care for hundreds more AIDS orphans and vulnerable children.

We salute the courageous and committed church leaders and Children's Cup teams that risk everything to relieve suffering and bring Hope--and Hope's name is Jesus--in one of the world's most dangerous places.

World Missions Director for Joyce Meyer Ministries, David Meyer often closes his letters with, "Together we are better."

It is especially true in Zimbabwe.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Last night Jean and I celebrated our 50th anniversary with family.

I told Jean that 50 kinda suggests the meaning of "half" as in 50%, so we should think in terms of being half way into our marriage. Not in years but in quality and accomplishments.

In 1983 for our anniversary I called her "My drinkin' buddy," referring to the metaphor that we drink from the same cup of life. We asked God to overflow our cup and let the overflow bless those around us.

God has flooded our lives with blessings and opportunities.

Thanks for 50 years, Drinkin' Buddy.
I love you MTYLTT.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Business leader and personal friend to the Ohlerking family and Children's Cup, Lee Domingue is running for the Senate.

I believe this man has been uniquely prepared by God for government leadership at both the State and National level.

Get to know him.


I'm doing the "second shift," middle-of-the-night, jet lag thing.

I just watched a few minutes of Mother Angelica on the EWTN channel. I don't agree with everythig she says, but she does declare many truths I cherish.

The channel uses a wonderful phrase in its promo: "THE SPLENDOR OF TRUTH"

Wow! I love it--wish I had thought of it before. "Splendor " is a great word to describe experiencing Truth--whose name is Jesus.

When I was a rebellious teen-ager I went the theater in small town Jewel, Iowa, to see "Splendor in The Grass," one of the most explicit movies Hollywood had produced up to that time. I prayed the whole time I was there that the roof wouldn't fall in on me.

Even in my sinful state I felt that the subject of the movie prostituted the word "splendor."

One appropriate use of that word is to describe a clear conscience and a clean heart. There is great power in purity. With purity in marriage comes that splendor Hollywood can only fake.