Thursday, June 15, 2006


“Here we go again,” I thought.
“There are some issues indicated by your blood lab work.” The doctor’s call was chilling. “You need to see a specialist.”

Standing at the specialist’s check-in desk I heard the lady call to set up lab work for a retest of my blood. “Diabetes induced acute renal failure,” is how she described my problem.

Moments later the specialist said, “This test indicates your kidneys are functioning at only 20%. It’s not reversible but we can try to maintain that level. But, let’s retest and be sure of what we are working with.”

Three vials of blood (seemed like three gallons) and a sonogram later Jean and I left with the doctor’s promise, “I’ll call you with the results.”

An hour later I was standing in line at Albertson’s gas station to pay for a couple Dasani waters and my cell phone rang. It was the THE CALL.

“We have the retest lab work—it is absolutely normal. No need to change anything.”

“Doctor, you know how wonderful this news is to me,” I said.

“Yes, I do. I don’t often get to give such good news.”

What happened? Was the first test a fluke? Did God change things? I don’t know, but I do know God has once again given me more life to serve Him—it’s all His.

The highway collision in Swaziland, the raging blood infection in my leg, the cancer scare and now this. We are aware that there is an enemy who would try to stop our work, but God is bigger than anything that enemy can do.

Awesome God!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


"You need to see a specialist. These lumps on the side of your head could be cancerous." (These lumps were not put there by Jean.)

My doctor's words hit hard. That was four days ago.

"You have absolutely nothing to worry about. The bumps are not cancer. There is one pre-cancer spot but I'll remove that right now."

Yesterday the specialist's words made the sun shine brighter and the grass greener and lifted a load off my spirit.

She did warn me about the need to always wear a hat under the African sun. Will do.

Can I tell you again what an awesome God we serve?