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If your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008


The King is speaking.

I'm in the crowd wanting to be as close to Him as I can. There's a bit of commotion behind me. Someone is trying to push through the crowd.

Then I feel a nudge trying to get me to make room for the anxious one to pass.

I turn to face him. My look is rebuking him, "Who do you think you are pushing past us?"

"Didn't you hear? The King just called my name to come to Him!"

Then I understand.

It would be wrong not to press ahead when King Jesus calls us forward.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Evangelist Dick Mills read me this verse forty-five years ago and told me God was telling me to write. He did not know me and nothing about me then would have indicated I would ever be a writer. I had only recently climbed back out of atheism.

I’ve been thinking how much that verse has impacted my life.

Sometimes I feel like my pen is flowing ink-words right out of my soul—like my mind is learning them for the first time as I write. Sometimes I know I didn’t start the thoughts.

I go to the keyboard and see my fingers (I still have to watch the keys to type) seek and find the right letters—surprised when I read what they wrote. It’s as though my eyes are reading into my mind thoughts from my soul never before shaped into words.

And often I’m overwhelmed when I hear what the microphone did with my words—where did they come from?

Other times I feel clumsy about what I produced. Perhaps some of the thoughts are profound only to me being birthed out of my own desire to know God-things in a deeper way—and I must admit that some seem banal and trite and a waste of the alphabet.

But perhaps some of them are truly inspired and anointed by God’s Holy Spirit. The next thought shortens my breath: if they are, indeed, inspired I must be a good steward of the words.

Who does The Anointer want me to share them with? Where? How?

What more should I be doing to spread them?


Did you know the meaning of what you just saw, Child Jesus? You've seen the Passover celebration many times, and it was always the same.

What did you think when you first saw the spotless little lamb they brought forward? Did the tender child part of you want to wrap the lamb in your arms to protect it?

On the other hand, you are the child who astounded the priests with your knowledge of what the prophets had said. Surely you knew, or did you?

Something in your eyes as you watched the lamb seemed to say that you did know that the loving lamb was but a living metaphor to help us understand your part in the grand plan of salvation. There was a bond between you.

All the ritual you observed would consummate in your own life--were you aware of that?

Did you shiver a little just then when you saw the priest pierce the lamb's body to shed its blood into a cup--blood that would be poured out upon the altar for the remission of sins?

Did your words about that cup echo back from the future Upper Room Supper? You watched so knowingly as the priest performed the ritual of the cup.

Was that glaze of tears in your eyes just a lens that let you see the people of all generations--including me--whose sins your blood would cover?

Those two pomegranate poles lying on the ground like a cross--what are they for? Oh, I see. They took the longer one and pierced it through the length of the lamb's body. The short one was used to spread-eagle the front legs.

Christ Child, did something in you just shudder as you saw the lamb lifted up on the cross to be hung over the searing fire?

When you accepted your portion of the sacrificed lamb to eat, you held it for an extra moment. Your tender expression firmed a little--like you were reconfirming a decision. You would, indeed, follow through and complete the awesome contract to repurchase our souls from hell.

From start to finish, the Passover pageant unfolded the great drama of redemption. The plan was born before time began. Justice and symmetry born in the mind of God had now taken form within the logic of man. Concepts beyond limited human reasonings were given recognizable shape in life.

Before Bethlehem you knew the plan, and at some time after you knew it again. You knew that the only way we could know the Father was to know you as one of us.

The Passover was finished for an¬other year now, and it looked like that knowing sense of purpose stayed with you. Did you know that it wasn't really over until you became that lamb on the cross?

When did you know it would be you who would declare to all generations, "IT IS FINISHED!"

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Years ago my wife Jean's admonition painted a thought-picture in my mind.

Even now as this thought fills my mind again I feel dread and shame. Yet, I must let the words flow. I must face them for I have done this.

Will you follow the words with me?

The wounded warrior stumbles his way to the cross.

“Father, forgive me for I have sinned,” is his contrite plea.

And one more time the Blood avails. He is forgiven. His sins, his wounds—some of them self-inflicted though they be—are under the Atoning Blood of God’s own Son covering the sin.

Angels rejoice.

Many men rejoice.

But some do not.

“How can he get off that easy?” the doubters and haters and pious pretenders say.
“And look at her. Everyone knows what she has done. If He were God He’d know what she is and not let her wash His feet. “What a show—crocodile tears and that dramatic gesture of drying His feet with her hair…”

Quoting David the Psalmist, Paul talked about the covering of sins saying, “Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered.”

Covered by the Blood, Jesus’ Blood.

Come carefully with me into the next thought.

Confessed sin is under the Blood, It’s why Jesus’ died. If his or her sin is covered by the Blood, that means I must reach through the Blood to bring it back into the open and to remember it against the forgiven one.

Now look at my hands. Your hands.

They are now Blood-stained with the very Blood that covered the repenter’s sins.

Who can bear such guilt? Help us, Lord to never again have Bloody hands.

Cry out the Psalmist’s words with me, “Deliver me from Bloodguiltiness, O God, thou God of my salvation: and my tongue shall sing aloud of Thy righteousness.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I’ve heard many people describe their philosophies and ways of confronting competing concepts of right and wrong as, “I take the middle of the road approach.”

As if that absolves them from heading into error.

Truism: The middle of the road is determined by the boundaries.

Who determine the boundaries set the direction of the road—even to 180 degree U-turns.

Safety is not the middle of the road, it is staying on course with the Word of God.


Read 2 Peter 2

There is an onslaught of error eroding the Gospel of Jesus.

Peter used the words, “damnable heresies and pernicious ways,” to warn us about them.

If you have been a believer serving Jesus for even a few years you can look back and see how far we have drifted from earlier convictions and righteousness. I am reacting to word from a precious new believer who was told, “To be really healed from your past you must forgive God.”

“Forgive God?!”

As if God were ever the offender. Rather, we must ask God to forgive us for ever blaming Him for our situation.

Such pernicious ways are spawned by the father of lies himself. Hear his sneering snickers and howls as this precious young life was deceived.

Early in my Christian walk I observed a group trying to cast the demons out of a young lady. The pastor leading the event said he had a “revelation from God” that day. He said, “When God’s Word declared we must love everybody, that included the devil”.

He proceeded to speak to the demons controlling this girl’s actions saying, “Devil, I even love you as commanded by God.”

I heard coming from the throat of the girl a chilling, sneering laugh.

Result: The girl was not delivered. She went on to threaten marriages and lead other youth into sins of perversion.

Not long after that event the pastor left town defeated and his wife supported him by tending bar.

What a price.

2 Peter 2 goes on to describe end of the purveyors of deception.

Summary: The devil is not afraid of high decibel prayers, mega-voltage phrases and cajoling pleas.

He only fears Truth from the Blood-Shedding-One whose name is Jesus.

Oh, Guard the boundaries of your heart.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


There are two kinds of tears of relief.

The joy-tears that flow when crises are solved, and the hot pain-tears that well up when scenes of little ones in agony and distress invade the relief worker’s mind.

I’ve known them both.

Tears came when the doctor said, “It’s not malignant,” and when another doctor told Jean, “You have the heart of a seventeen-year-old.” Or like when God let me live and gave my sight back after the point-blank rifle-shot in the back of my head.

Countless foreign hotel pillows have been dampened by my tears as I recounted what I had just lived through—sometimes I didn’t think I’d live the day. And so often there were awe-tears and joy-tears as I thought about how many little lives were rescued that day.

Sometimes, though, the joy-tears were overtaken by the hot pain-tears of seeing little orphaned lives discarded and ravaged by hunger and AIDS. Can you look into the eyes of a child losing the day-by-day battle for life without tears in your own eyes?

I’ve read that God will wipe away all tears. I’ll be happy to never again shed the pain-tears but is it possible He can stop the explosion of awe and joy-tears when I stand in His presence?


A few moments ago as I read 2 Peter 1:4 the scripture writer named Peter exploded this phrase into heart and mind. Awe—perhaps similar to his own as he penned the words—swept through my soul.

Truly God’s Book is full of “exceeding great and precious promises.”

He has always kept them.

And now I remember the song I’ve known all my life, “Standing on the promises of God my Savior.”

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Missionary Jean Ohlerking (first of the list—the rest are in alphabetical order)

Businessman Jim Adcock
Gen. Jose Amanti
Dr. J. Robert Ashcroft
Rev. Wayne Austin
Missionary Ron Barefield
Missionary Robert Bariger
Dr. David Beyda
My Brothers
Missionary John Bueno
Missionary Martyr Martin Burnham
Missionary Billy Burr
USA Pres. George Bush
Songwriter Buzz Cason
My Children
Children's Cup Supporters
Children’s Cup Team
Consultant Don Christenson
Publicity Avoider C.S.
Missionary Chad Daniel
America's Defenders
Businessman Lee Domingue
Pres. Jose Napoleon Duarte
Gen. Dwight Eisenhower
My Father-in-law Harry K. Bougher Sr.
Missionary Dr. George Flattery
Philippine Minister of Health Juan Flavier
Missionary Charles Greenaway
Dr. Roy Hicks Sr. (He led me out of atheism back into serving Jesus.)
Missionary Wesley Hurst
Missionary Maynard Ketcham
Missionary Dr. Harold Kohl
My Parents Fred And Leona Ohlerking
Hanoi Hilton P.O.W. Lt. Col. Paul Kari
Missionary Paul Klahr
Missionary David Livingstone
Teacher Mildred McIlwain
NFL OC Kevin Mawae
Missionary David Meyer
Global Voice for Jesus Joyce Meyer
Biblical Patriarchs
Missionary Morris Plotts
Missionary Victor Plymire (As a four year old boy I was sitting on his lap when God called me to missions.)
Philippine First Lady Ming Ramos
My Pastor Dino Rizzo
Missionary Dave Roever
Prof. Nguyen Duong Quang M.D.
Prof. Reuben Sequera
Prof. Do Kim Son M.D.
Missionary Lester Sumrall
Missionary Mother Teresa
Col. Joe Thompson
Martyrs I Have Worked With
Unnumbered Missionaries Who Have Made A Life-long Commitment To Serve Overseas
Unnamed Helpful Officials In Hostile Countries
Unnamed, Unnumbered Ones Who Daily Risk Their Lives For The Gospel—even during the time it took you to read this.
Missionary David “Beano” Van Rensburg
CPA Bill Wanasek


Global Compassion
Honesty With And About Self
Sense Of Humor
Quest For Knowledge
Family Priorities
Deep Spiritual Quest