Wednesday, June 20, 2007


At six o'clock this morning many of the men of Healing Place Church met for prayer at the construction site of our new sanctuary. We all thrilled at the sight of the steel girders giving shape to the building.

It is a massive project.

Pastor Dino said: "What God originates, He orchestrates."

How assuring to remember that when we do what God plans He'll see it through to completion!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I'm always a little surprised at the depth of my feelings when I return to Iowa.

The past few weeks have been a great trip back into familiar places and cherished faces of lifelong friends.

(Here we are with Alice Gibson Stetz, my Junior High Sunday School teacher)

As a boy I couldn't wait to move away from the cold winters, but as an adult I remember the wonderful Iowa summers; hunting arrowheads, fishing, building log cabins, hunting rabbits, baling hay, driving the tractor, fixing up my '36 and then my '37 Chevy freedom machines.

I just went back--again--to the place along the railroad tracks where I got shot point-blank in the back of my head. To the farmhouse where they cancelled the ambulance because I was too far gone to make it to the hospital. Grandpa Mosher told them "send him anyway!"

Glad he did that.

Now I thank God for including that gunshot in my life.

Hugging necks and sharing memories with old classmates is a wonderful trip.

Yes, I love my roots--but I love them best in the good old summertime.